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Being a student sometime makes me get so bored.Well,there is so much thing that I have to consider when doing something as I have to respect my life as a student.

This is what I meant =)

For a simple person like me,there is nothing much and more to be proud about my studies. But, me myself are PROUD with what I have achieved NOW =)

At the age of 5, I am so eager to wake up early in the morning and wait for my mum to send me to school. I have been studying at Sek Keb Chendering as a standard one student although I'm NOT one of them as I am 5 years old at that moment. HEHE =) and of course I am the best student for a primary student long long long time ago! PROUD ^^,
So, when it goes to UPSR, I'd got 5A's out of 5 and I'm the top 5 of all students in Terengganu.
OMG,unbelievable at first.HEHE.But,I'm so happy to see My MUM and My DAD capturing my photo when I am presenting myself as top 5 for UPSR =)

I'm furthering my studies at Kolej Sains Pendidikan Islam Negeri Terengganu or known as KOSPINT but now Imtiaz Kuala Terengganu (at first). After a few months I changed my school to SMK Agama Nurul Ittifaq as I hate being far with my parents (so yucky! =P)
So, I got 7A's for my PMR and only 5A's for my SPM.How bad! =(

But I am so lucky as I have been accepted to further my studies at CFSIIUM PJ majoring in Science Computer or ICT =)
Be grateful even I'm not so into it because of lacking of knowledge about computering. All I know is ONLINE =) HAHAHA!
But now, it started to be BLAST!haha~
I do love my ICT as I learnt to be more grateful. I know, Allah picks me to be in ICT so that I know that all things in this world are complicated like the HTML but remember ONE thing we are much more complicated as a KHALIFAH in this world,at a land we stand.
So,be grateful as Allah knows better.=)

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